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All-New Upgraded Details in 2021


Upgraded technology in 2021

GRACIA already upgraded all-new technology for details of our machine in 2021 as follows :

  1. Orbital technology :

    - One machine for all surface 

    - One machine match standard spare parts : one red wire pad / one black pad / two sets microfiber pads / two sets polishing pads 

  2. Extractor :

    - All our vac is Ametek 1400w vac to keep the stable and high quality customer service 

    - All pump is Pumptec and AR pump head from our extractor 

  3. CRB technology :

    - we match much more roller brushes as standard spare parts 

In Europe and USA, GRACIA will try our best to promote " No Chemical Movement " to clean carpet by our VLM technology . In future, we will promote all of our patent technology to clean carpet without any chemical composition in coming years . GRACIA will be the first factory to promote this kind of technology in USA and EU, orbital technology is the future  to clean carpet with VLM .