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Spotter Extractor Package

Family Extractor Package

The best selling carpet cleaning and automotive detailing extractor in its class.

Are you looking for an upholstery spotting machine that can do the job of a full-size carpet extractor, but is small and lightweight enough to hold in one hand? Meet the GRACIA Light Heated Extractor Package , our best-selling automotive detailing extractor and upholstery machine and the first in the industry to include an on-board heater for maximum cleaning power. It runs on only one power cord for maximum convenience wherever you go. At four gallons, its perfect for both upholstery spotting and small detailing jobs. 

The GRACIA packs performance and versatility into one compact and efficient machine.

Features :

1. Motor power pressure : 160PSI 

2. Vacuum motor power : 1400W with one powerful vacuum motor and 3-stage .

3. Heaters : build-in heaters with 1000W-1500W (optional)

4. Solution water tank : 15L

5. Recovery water tank : 12L

6. Connection pipe length : 5-7 meters

7. Short traditional wand with plastic material to protect the soft surface cleaning target .

8. Wast water recovery rate : more than 80% .

This design is the most popular small extractor package for family using or small aera cleaning target . 

Functions :

1. Carpet cleaning function.

2. Sofa cleaning function.

3. Courtain cleaning function.

4. Bed cleaning function.

5. Automotive detailing function.

6. Others soft surface cleaning. 

Totally : One machine for all surface design . 



Spotter Extractor Package

The Model number : GRACIA-SE

Name : Spotter Extractor Package

Including spare parts as follows :

1. Contractor : GRACIA-E15/12

2. Connection pipe : 5-7 meters with vacuum pipe and high pressure pipe .

3. Traditional short hand wand to clean most of small aera soft surface .


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