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Carpet Cleaning Extractor

Carpet Cleaning Extractor

As the key machine for carpet cleaning function, contractor combine most of the functions into itself . 

Features :

  1. Solution tank : 45L 

  2. Recovery tank : 38L

  3. Colors : optional according to the required from customers 

  4. Working pressure : 0 - 500PSI - 1200PSI (Optional according to the required from customers ) : PUMP TEC 

  5. Heaters : 1500W - 2000W (Optional as request )

  6. Vacumm : 2 sets 1400W -3-stage AMETEK vacumm motor .

  7. 2 x 10 inch wheels for easily move .

  8. Plastic basket for chemical bottle loading .

  9. Heating & recovery fresh water re-circuling system .

  10. Water recovery rate : more than 90% (the most powerful in the industry)

  11. Weight : 55 kgs 

  12. Packing size : 450mm x 550mm x 800mm 

  13. Warranty : 2 years for whole machine . 3-5 years for motor and pressurised motore head . ( AR & TM )

  14. Recovery tank auto pump-out functions ( Optional )


1. In Solution tank, we have Water-off alarming system : When the water spray out less than 5L , the alarming system will work to inform you to input the water. And this system will cut off the spray function to protect the spray pump . 

2. In Recovery tank , we have self-cut system, when the recovery tank is full with the recovery water, this system will work to self-cut the vacuum function to stop vacuum. 

3. The the base tank, we have heating-out fans to keep the working system cold and healthy. 

This is our psecial design . 


Carpet Cleaning Extractor

Powerful extractor is the key important machine for uphostery carpet cleaning technology in the industry , GRACIA design our patent extractor as the industry level to meet the different requirements from our customers, our slogan is " details make perfect " .  

The best selling model is : E45/38 in US / EU / Middle East / Australia etc.

Color optional as your request in target market .

OEM service is accept. 

Packing carton : 1100mm x 600mm x 800mm

Weight : 50-60 kgs 




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